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Sometimes the ones who know us best are also the most challenging. The meaning of family is different for everyone. For better or for worse – these relationships affect us all. 

There are a lot of emotions, memories, and experiences involved. The influence of our families shapes our personalities, values, and how we see the world. 

Recovery often requires a holistic approach. Recovery means treating the individual and addressing the complex dynamics within families. Family therapy is an opportunity to see each other in a new way. 

Memories from the past cause pain, misunderstanding, and division. Families find they are fighting against the current, and suffering grows.  We want to create a harmony that flows within those near and dear to you.

TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health’s family therapy in Murfreesboro, TN, is part of a comprehensive treatment approach. We recognize that when one family member suffers, the whole family feels the impact. We are committed to rebuilding those bonds. 

Why Family Therapy?

Addiction and behavioral health issues often put barriers up in our lives. These barriers lead to feelings of heavy isolation that grow. It can seem like an uphill battle all the time. Loved ones can feel helpless to navigate this rocky terrain.  

By involving family, we take these barriers apart. We break the cycle of addiction that is tearing relationships apart. A roadmap tailored to transform perspectives directs the methods used. If a family wants to improve in areas, we want to help. 

TRUE recovery involves not only individual transformation but reconnection and rejuvenation of family. Putting together these scattered pieces leads to the big picture of a fuller life.

Emotional undercurrents pull families apart if ignored. This effect constructs a backdrop of misunderstanding and tension.

Emotional disruption repeats and feeds the cycle of the disorder. A team of professionals committed to your long-term recovery leads our program.  The nuances of the family are intricate, and we navigate this renewal with care.

When someone in the family struggles with addiction, family therapy is vital. 

  • An addiction can affect everyone in the family, causing problems for them, too.
  • Family habits and behaviors can sometimes lead to or worsen addiction.

Addressing these issues is necessary to help someone get and stay sober. Family therapy is crucial in handling these problems and supporting long-term recovery.

Our Approach to TRUE Family Therapy

Our addiction treatment center in Murfreesboro, TN, restores individuals to their TRUE selves. The power of recovery extends beyond the individual. Our family therapy program is a cornerstone of our treatment approach. We strive to preserve the well-being of individuals and their families. 

To stop the cycle of addiction and enable a mindset of growth, we carefully work to make each session more than just talking in rooms. It’s a time of rejuvenation and rethinking relationships. We equip loved ones to deal with past family dysfunction and hope to recover. We will help every family member work to change toxic and unhealthy behaviors.

By including family in your treatment, you can mend wounds, bridge gaps, and grow closer to loved ones. You can live a future rooted in understanding, compassion, and collective growth. We walk with you on this road. We want you to move forward with confidence.

Substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health challenges are not isolated. Family relationships are tied closely to both. Each one significantly affects each member differently. The waves continue to grow larger if left unattended. These can strain relationships, spark miscommunication, fear, and sometimes resentment.

Our family therapy program at TRUE disrupts this destructive and familiar cycle. Our program provides a haven for the ones you care about to unite. We empower families to voice their concerns and feelings and grasp the struggles their loved one is confronting.

Expert Therapists for Complex Dynamics

Our team comprises experts trained in a range of clinical modalities. Therapists use evidence-based practices that clear the air and open the door to common ground. Your well-being is a priority during these sessions. Our team accesses a refined suite of therapies to accommodate the family dynamics.

These therapies range from rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to trauma specialists and life coaching. They use these areas of specialty in your family therapy sessions. Our therapists and counselors know what a pivotal part family plays in shaping who you are. 

Family therapy takes into account the exchange of views and beliefs between families. They use their experience to tackle areas that can hinder recovery.

Our therapeutic interventions cater to each family member in the way that best suits them. We address each family dynamic or obstacle authentically in our continuum of care.  Our therapists fine-tune family therapy to resolve the problems that define your family.

The heart of TRUE shines throughout our enriching family therapy program. Our therapists encourage communication within families that continues after your treatment is complete.

We foster an environment that doesn’t hide fears, frustrations, and hopes. We promote a forum where these can be discussed. Therapy is no different. This openness supports empathy and mutual understanding. As a result, this enhances respect between family members. The effect of treatment drives the recovery process.

Key Components of Family Therapy at TRUE

Our family therapy program integrates our core values of connection, community,  and love. These values reflect our mission in our family therapy program. The essence of thinking beyond ourselves applies to family therapy at TRUE.

We unite individuals with their authentic selves, which family is integral to. Family therapy is a safe space for healing. Your therapist will lead the sessions. You choose who you want to involve.

This therapy is part of our treatment for healing the whole self. Each TRUE therapy session caters to openness and authenticity. Our family programs share some common ways we get to the core of the matter.

The following tenets guide our family therapy:

Inclusion: The ones that know you best and vice versa are essential to our approach. If appropriate, we offer this therapy to involve your loved ones in treatment. Everyone’s voice is heard in this collaboration.

Education: We teach families about addiction, behavioral health, and recovery. We teach through empowerment. Our therapists equip families with the knowledge and tools to support their loved ones and themselves.

Communication enhancement: Addiction and mental health issues can impair communication within a family. We focus on creating healthy communication habits for an environment where feelings can be openly expressed and understood.

Building resilience: Families learn how to cope with the waves of recovery. They gain insights to understand better addiction and how family affects this. They learn about relapse triggers and strategies to handle potential setbacks.

Restoring relationships: Our family therapy sessions are about healing wounds, rediscovering lost trust, and nurturing bonds. We focus on the values of love, connection, and community. These define the very core of what families represent.

Building Connections and Fostering Community

Beyond therapy sessions, our emphasis lies in involving families in the community. This sense of togetherness is part of healing. We integrate families into a more extensive support network through resources for community outreaches.

Whether you’re from Murfreesboro or further away, we want to bring you where you want to go. Community is a powerful part of human resilience. This sense of belonging runs throughout our recovery center. 

We offer a supportive environment for lasting recovery. We link your loved ones to local resources, churches, and community outreaches. These activities enforce family bonds and anchor families in the broader supportive community.

Celebrating achievements and progress is deeply rooted in our approach. We keep a full calendar that includes the ones who mean the most. We host monthly events and outings, allowing families to create positive memories and connect with others on similar journeys.

The Journey To Sustainable Recovery

The path to recovery is rarely a straight route. The presence of a supportive family can make all the difference. No part of our therapy is about a quick fix. It’s about lasting solutions. Recovery is finding answers to become the TRUE you. 

We create meaningful and positive change at our rehab. We invite families to join us in this exciting exploration. It’s a mutual exchange of compassion and embracing the future. What happened in the past is only one piece of who you are. Your loved ones can be a part of your future. At TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health, we advocate the power of unity.

Our family therapy program is living proof of our vision. Opening the eyes of others means transforming the roots of every individual and every family. 

We invite you to contact our team to learn more about how our family therapy supports love and unity. We want to support yours. We are the healing place to land.