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730 Middle Tennessee Blvd. Suite 10. Murfreesboro, TN. 37129
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TRUE (Transforming Roots Unto Eternity) Addiction and Behavioral Health was birthed as the source of healing, restoration, and connection through love in all our services. This vision became a mission, then created a lifestyle that is now our heartbeat. We live and thrive daily to bring hope to all those seeking a place of refuge to find their TRUE authentic self and TRUE purpose in life.

All of this is achieved by creating an environment to equip people to find the tools needed to change their long-term recovery outcomes from temporary to eternal. TRUE was established based on these principles, and they are what move us with a motivating aim to pursue our “WHY” every day in everything we do with integrity, passion, diligence, patience, kindness, compassion, empathy, and love.

Our Philosophy

We are driven by a passion for witnessing people achieve freedom from any affliction that keeps them from living a positive lifestyle of purpose. We provide an environment that creates a supportive healing platform that can transform the brokenhearted into being restored. Our daily breath is to serve others with a purpose-driven mission to break the chains of the hopeless and establish hope, strength, faith, and love for them to find a connection to having a purpose-filled life.

Our Values
Our Values


Challenging people to be willing to change into the person they have dreamed of becoming and change their beliefs into a life of TRUE purpose and value.


Creating an environment for a person to find their TRUE authentic self, connecting to love, honesty, integrity, passion, and purpose while being in a conducive safe place of refuge.


Developing a TRUE meaning of belonging without judgment on their values, goals, and beliefs.


A daily reprieve to find the strength to pursue your hopes and believe you can do it by being persistent without relenting to achieve the result you sought to find.


Having faithfulness to be firmly grounded and rooted into your just cause to locate purpose and the TRUE meaning in life.


Having no judgment, being kind, gentle, patient, not resentful, forgiving, understanding, compassionate, and sacrificing to serve others, all while being TRUE to self.


Transforming Roots Unto Eternity

Inclusion, Belonging, and Proficiency

Connection and love set us apart in how we serve our clients. Our services are well-thought-out and strategized to facilitate every person’s need to support their path to recovery. We provide a clinical program highlighting comprehensive physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental assessments.

We begin by finding the TRUE roots within a person, including their core beliefs, values, and connections. By TRUE treating the wholeness of a person, we supply the environment for a person to focus on their physical well-being giving onsite personal fitness equipment, with personal trainers on staff, that provide short-term and long-term treatment for their physical fitness.

For the emotional, mental, and spiritual, TRUE offers group therapy with a personalized curriculum developed by our healing team and has been proven with results by evidence-based measures. Our concepts move our clients away from sitting in a group room all day and move them in multiple avenues to find the solution.

TRUE also offers a connection of focus on community. TRUE believes in supplying our clients with multiple avenues to find their TRUE connections while in our program and to establish long-term solutions for their aftercare to promote sustainable recovery.

TRUE is connected to local resources of community outreaches, churches, service work opportunities, and an environment that believes in celebrating moments of progress at all times. We offer connections to celebrate these achievements within our programs with monthly festivities, community events, experiential outings, motivational speakers, and a seasoned staff with the experience to deliver these promises.

Establishing a Model of Greatness

Many years ago, our founder saw a need for better services and more personalized care within substance abuse and mental health treatment centers. The core natures and creative instincts of people were not being served to their fullest potential. The industry strives to do its best.

However, we still found that the elements of treating the whole person in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being still needed to be discovered, and the outcomes provided insights into the results.

After many years of assessing and evaluating services, resources, treatment modalities, and programs, our founder discovered a more in-depth method of treating people struggling. Now in hopes of receiving better outcomes, TRUE set out to revive the heartbeat of recovery by motivating the communities to be a thriving source providing better resources for recovery.

TRUE has established a program that examines all four elements of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual in knowing that this leaves the person in a position to strive for success, leaving no room for a possibility for compromise in life, avoiding bringing them back to the state of consciousness in which they have been delivered from.

TRUE is connected to the concepts of community and provides a community structure within our program. We know everyone is looking for a chance to belong to something in their life, so TRUE provides a pathway for all to discover their belonging and community for a purpose.