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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) combines mindfulness and acceptance strategies. The idea behind ACT is to focus on helping individuals develop mental and emotional flexibility and avoid making risky decisions.

TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health’s ACT therapy treatment center in Murfreesboro, TN, provides the highest quality recovery education and the tools to support transformation in each client. We believe in restoring your heart and mind for your soul to receive healing and find a life filled with purpose. 

How is ACT Therapy Effective?

ACT is an evidence-based therapy that effectively treats various mental health conditions and promotes psychological well-being. Below are some reasons why ACT therapy is considered effective:

  • Mindfulness and Acceptance: Mindfulness means you are present and can sit with your feelings and thoughts. You don’t judge yourself for the way you think. When you do this, you can reduce resistance to unwanted thoughts and emotions. What you gain is psychological flexibility when encountering similar situations and emotions. 
  • Values-Driven Action: Knowing your values and what you will or will not stand for is essential to your well-being. With your therapist, you will develop goals specific to your needs. You will establish measurable benchmarks to determine success. Most importantly, your goals will be achievable, relevant to your recovery, and time-bound so that you know how long you are working toward each goal.
  • Cognitive Defusion: Creating distance from your triggers and environment that lead to addiction or stimulate your mental health disorder is essential. By recognizing that thoughts are not necessarily true or accurate representations of reality, individuals can reduce the influence of negative or self-defeating thinking patterns.
  • Experiential Exercises: ACT often incorporates experiential exercises. Experiential exercises utilize self-expression tools and activities to confront challenges to your long-term recovery. This therapy aims to find meaningful activities that resonate with you to engage in the therapeutic process.
  • Treatment of Various Mental Health Conditions: ACT effectively treats various mental health disorders. Those include depression, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, chronic pain, and psychosis. It has also shown promise in improving well-being and quality of life in diverse populations.
  • Transdiagnostic Approach: ACT is a transdiagnostic approach, meaning it can be applied across different diagnoses and tailored to individual needs. This flexibility makes it applicable to a wide range of mental health concerns.

Why Choose TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health

Connection and love sets us apart in how we serve our clients. Our services are well-thought-out and strategized to facilitate every person’s need to support their path to recovery. We provide clinical programs integrating life coaching while providing comprehensive physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental assessments. 

We begin by finding the TRUE roots within a person, including their core beliefs, values, and connections. By treating the wholeness of a person, we supply the environment for a person to focus on their physical well-being. For the emotional, mental, and spiritual, TRUE offers group therapy with a personalized curriculum developed by the TRUE healing team. 

Our concepts move our clients away from sitting in a group room all day and move them in multiple avenues to find the solution.  

We have a set of values that guide each client we serve.

  • Transformation: Challenging people to be willing to change into the person they have dreamed of becoming and changing their beliefs into a life of TRUE purpose and value. 
  • Connection: Creating an environment for a person to find their TRUE authentic self, connecting to love, honesty, integrity, passion, and purpose, all while being in a conducive safe place of refuge. 
  • Community: Developing a TRUE meaning of belonging without judgment on their values, goals, and beliefs. 
  • Courage: A  daily reprieve to find the strength to pursue your hopes and believe you can do it by being persistent without relenting to achieve the result you sought to find. 
  • Consistency: Having faithfulness to be firmly grounded and rooted into your just cause to locate purpose and the TRUE meaning in life. 
  • Love: Having no judgment, being kind, gentle, patient, not resentful, forgiving, understanding, compassionate, and sacrificing to serve others, all while being TRUE to self. 
  • T.R.U.E: Transforming Roots Unto Eternity

Our Treatment Programs that Use ACT Therapy

If you or someone you know suffers from mental illness or substance use disorder (SUD), treatment is the first step in changing the behaviors associated with a disruptive life. Individuals need medical support from professionals who understand their specific concerns. 

The treatment team can develop individualized goals. Working collaboratively with each individual, treatment facilities can develop a plan beyond a standard model and create a personable and actionable set of guidelines instead.

Through proper medication and support, individuals with an addiction or mental illness can manage their symptoms and reduce the negative impact of behaviors on their lives.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

A supportive home environment can make all the difference in recovery. This program suits individuals who have support at home and do not need around-the-clock care from a mental health professional. This outpatient treatment option is typically designed for individuals moving out of PHP. Most IOPs meet 3-4 days weekly for 3-5 hours. Think of it this way: after breakfast, you come to treatment. By lunchtime, you are ready to return to your daily obligations. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) benefits individuals struggling with an addiction or mental illness. The program is ideal for patients needing more than outpatient care without 24/7 inpatient treatment. PHPs help individuals by providing a safe and structured environment with access to medical supervision, including therapy with family members and one-on-one and group therapy with individuals with the same mental health disorder and substance abuse issues. 

PHP is also ideal for addressing the symptoms of co-occurring substance use disorders (SUD) because it includes individual and group therapy, medication management, and other experiential therapies. Substance abuse services are integral for comprehensive care at addiction centers. 

Individuals can access care during the day and return home in the evenings to continue their routines. They can practice new behaviors, overcome anxiety, and build social connections in a supportive community. 

Sober Living

Sober living is just what the name says. These are homes away from home. Our clients have a supportive community and can start their new life free from substances. Residents in sober-living homes commit to abstaining from substance use while participating in an outpatient program, leading to suicide prevention.

Living in a sober environment helps our clients develop new habits and routines with support groups undergoing addiction or mental health treatment. They apply what they learned during treatment to their daily lives. This is where the real world meets recovery.

Consider a sober living home as a support system as you practice new skills, gain unique insight, and shape your new life in recovery. Our clients do this with other people who are facing the same challenges. We have adolescents, young adults, and older adults in our sober living homes. 

Other Behavioral Therapies We Provide

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) combines mindfulness and acceptance strategies. The idea behind ACT is to focus on helping individuals develop mental and emotional flexibility and avoid making risky decisions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) makes individuals aware of attention and concentration problems. It improves their organization and time management. Our clients learn to break down tasks easier to manage their daily lives. CBT builds confidence and controls impulsive behavior. Individuals with BPD gain confidence and can control impulsive and risky behaviors.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) helps individuals participate in their therapy. Professionals recommend DBT as a treatment because it effectively combines CBT, mindfulness, and acceptance strategies. DBT teaches essential skills for managing emotions, impulsive behavior, and relationships. Individuals set goals, track progress, and make decisions about their treatment.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) helps individuals understand unhelpful thoughts that can lead to negative emotions or behaviors. REBT focuses on the moment and what a person is feeling. Our therapists help you form new ways of approaching challenges, thoughts, and circumstances. The root of the adverse emotions is addressed so that self-sabotaging behavior can taper off.

Get Help Today

ACT therapy is vital to our approach to behavioral health. Clients benefit from this service as it aids in recovery and long-term success. Our dedicated team will work with you to promote personal growth and long-term recovery. If you need support, call us today so we can get you started with ACT therapy and a better quality of life.