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Finding a place to live that supports a sober lifestyle can be difficult, especially in early recovery. Our sober living homes in Murfreesboro, TN, offer a wide range of supportive services through attendance in our partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program, as well as daily 12-step meetings, weekly group meetings, and monthly recreational activities. These options allow our clients to progress in recovery while enjoying flexibility and freedom. For many, transitional housing is the first step to a better life.

What is Sober Living?

Our sober living recovery homes in Murfreesboro, TN, are specially designed to provide a safe, supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol. These homes offer structure, accountability, and support essential to a successful recovery and can provide a positive environment for those in recovery, especially when combined with our treatment programs.

The goal of sober living homes is to offer our clients a supportive living environment with other people in recovery. Whether they are currently enrolled in our drug addiction treatment program or have already participated, these homes can provide access to a community of people struggling with similar problems. Residents can work together to hold each other accountable, relax, and fully engage in recovery, knowing drugs and alcohol will not be accessible.

What to Expect from Sober Living at TRUE

Our sober living houses allow you to develop lasting relationships with others in recovery and find new hobbies and interests. We also have several options for group engagement with your recovery community. Our evidence-based treatment approaches allow patients to utilize services best suited to aid them in recovery.

  • Life coaching for drug rehab and mental illness offers support and guidance. Life coaches work with clients to help them create a fulfilling and purposeful life in recovery. While therapists and counselors focus on addressing the psychological aspects of recovery, our life coaches focus on practical strategies and living skills to support clients in rebuilding their lives.
  • Recovery coaching is a supportive and personalized approach to helping our clients recover. Our recovery coaches are trained professionals who provide guidance, encouragement, and accountability to individuals seeking to overcome their addiction and maintain long-term sobriety by providing another level of accountability, addiction education, and life skill development for overcoming cravings and preventing relapse.
  • Peer support specialists are individuals who have personal experience with addiction and recovery. They offer empathy, understanding, and guidance to those struggling with addiction, providing hope, encouragement, and practical support throughout the recovery journey.
  • Relapse prevention is a set of techniques our therapists use to prevent our clients from returning to destructive behaviors and thinking. The therapist assists the client with identifying triggers and exchanging them for positive behaviors. The goal for this component of a treatment plan is long-term recovery by preventing addictive behaviors.
  • Aftercare and continuous support are critical to maintaining sobriety. Support can include ongoing family and individual therapy or counseling, continued participation in support groups or 12-step programs, and regular check-ins with a therapist.
SOber living in Murfreesboro, TN

Our Sober Living Homes

Our sober living program is ideal for those who need to be surrounded by a support system for people with similar disorders. Our drug-free housing is close to our treatment facilities for convenience.

Patients can choose from co-ed or gender-separate housing with our all-male, all-female, and male and female houses. Our options allow patients to find a comfortable living arrangement to help facilitate their recovery progress. While living in these residences, patients must participate in our treatment programs to work towards their recovery goals.

Patients receiving medication-assisted treatment (MAT) must stay in these residences to receive additional supervision. We help patients stay accountable with curfews, rules, and requirements for being in the house. Patients must attend 12-step meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

To assist our patients during recovery, we offer various support groups. Patients can attend each group to discover what aligns best with their values and will benefit their recovery most. Our options include faith-based meetings, 12-step meetings, Celebrate Recovery, Recovery Church, and mental health support groups. These groups are crucial in removing patients from isolation and reminding them they are not alone.

While staying in our sober living, patients can access amenities such as a home gym in the garage and complimentary transportation from the residence to our treatment facility. Our sober living homes collaborate with our treatment options to emphasize overall wellness for our patients. With more housing options coming soon, we aim to provide our patients additional support and structure during treatment.

How Sober Living Pairs with Our Treatment Programs

TRUE pairs other treatment programs with sober living. You can participate in our partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program while staying at our sober living homes. The specific treatment process is dependent on each individual. We consider your current health issues, underlying mental health disorders, and overall well-being.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
    IOP is a flexible treatment option that patients attend from 9:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. Monday through Friday, with an option of additional treatment on Saturday. By offering more sessions per week and a low client caseload for therapists, our patients receive greater benefits from our programs and progress more quickly.

The duration and frequency of this program depend upon the individual at the direction of their therapist. IOP works best for individuals who need a more extensive treatment plan than traditional outpatient services but not residential care.

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
    PHP offers structured care during the day, allowing you to return home or to your sober living at night. Patients in our PHP attend treatment from 9:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday through Saturday. With 6 days per week of intensive treatment, our program creates structure around the clock while allowing for a more affordable option than a residential treatment program.

PHP closely watches symptoms, establishes routines, and builds a supportive community. Research shows that PHP significantly improves symptom management and overall quality of life for individuals with substance use or mental health disorders.

Our Sober Living Amenities

Our sober living homes in Murfreesboro are high-end homes and apartments. Providing top-notch amenities and clean living spaces is critical to our wellness and recovery. Residents won’t feel like they are in a standardized facility in our sober living homes.

  • Amenities: Modern, contemporary living spaces, private patios, rooftop decks with great views, professional and courteous support staff, new finishes and appliances, and excellent locations. Patients also receive gym memberships, access to a home gym in the garage, and transportation to the treatment facility.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans: We develop one-on-one plans based on each client’s unique needs and history of drug use. Our results-driven strategy blends frequent one-on-one counseling sessions, intimate group therapy, and family therapy. When creating your plan, we consider the level of care that will yield the best results.
  • Access to Peer Support: Our support groups and peer mentoring programs enable individuals to connect with others on the path to recovery. These activities fight against isolation and offer valuable encouragement and motivation throughout recovery.
  • Aftercare Planning: We offer a range of resources and support to individuals who have completed their treatment program. These resources can include continued access to our sober living arrangements, ongoing therapy sessions, and participation in support groups. 

Benefits of Our Sober Living in Murfreesboro

Avoiding triggers can be life-changing regarding drug rehab and mental health treatment. TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health is conveniently located in Murfreesboro, the heart of middle Tennessee. This scenic drive from neighboring cities in Tennessee can put distance between you and your triggers.

Memories of past experiences, people, and even streets and buildings that can remind you of your addiction or mental illness can be put behind you. In front of you will be opportunity, recovery, and a breath of fresh air.

Substance abuse is a top concern in many states around the country. Special government task forces have been enacted to help end drug trafficking, manufacturing, and distribution. Tennessee is not an exception. Opioids, stimulants, and alcohol continue to be abused and take the lives of thousands of citizens each year.

Drug abuse doesn’t discriminate on whom it latches onto. From the lowest socioeconomic class to the wealthy and all ethnicities and backgrounds, families are being torn apart by addiction and the path of destruction that it leaves behind. 

Effective treatment, rehab programs, and proper education regarding addiction are essential for quality care. We strive for continuous improvement, always searching for resources to improve our programs. At TRUE, we aim to provide the best care for everyone who desires a lifestyle change.

Sober living in Murfreesboro, TN

Why Choose TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health

TRUE offers a connection of focus on community. TRUE believes in supplying our clients with multiple avenues to find their TRUE connections while in our program and to establish long-term solutions for their aftercare to promote sustainable recovery at our treatment centers. We help patients discover the best version of themselves.

TRUE is connected to local resources of community outreaches, churches, service work opportunities, and an environment that believes in celebrating moments of progress at all times. We offer connections to celebrate these achievements within our programs with monthly festivities, community events, experiential outings, motivational speakers, and a seasoned staff with the experience to deliver these promises. 

Our experienced team of healthcare providers understands the ins and outs of substance abuse and mental health treatment. Some of our staff members are in long-term recovery, including our owner, lead therapist, and clinical director. This gives them a unique insight into helping clients in ways that not all clinicians can.

We recognize how traumatic experiences can influence individuals and contribute to substance abuse and mental health conditions. Our approach focuses on trauma responses and helps patients get to the root of their negative feelings.

Exploring Treatment at TRUE: FAQs

What types of insurance does TRUE accept?

We accept most major insurance providers, including BCBS, Aetna, Anthem, and UMR. We are currently working on the ability to accept Medicare and Medicaid to make treatment more accessible.

What does TRUE treat?

As a dual diagnosis treatment facility, we treat both mental health conditions and substance use disorders, as well as co-occurring conditions. Common disorders we treat include alcohol addiction, opioid addiction, methamphetamine addiction, anxiety, bipolar disorder, BPD, depression, gambling disorder, OCD, and PTSD.

How long is treatment?

This depends on each individual’s needs and the progress they make during treatment. Typically, our programs can fall between 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days—though patients are allowed to extend their program length if they require more support and therapeutic services.

What is the staff-to-client ratio?

TRUE prides itself on the ability to offer personalized, high-quality care. Each of our therapists treats only 6-8 individuals at a time, which is how we make sure all of our patients are receiving the attention and care that they need to overcome their struggles.

What accreditations does TRUE have?

In addition to being licensed by the state of Tennessee, TRUE Addiction & Behavioral Health is a LegitScript-certified treatment facility. This means that we have been recognized for our efforts in providing high-quality, effective care to our patients.

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