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Our treatment center’s CEO and founder, Ben Dobbs, was recently featured on the local news channel Local on 2 to discuss his backstory, the ins and outs of treatment at TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health, and how individuals can receive continued support in sobriety even after Dry January is over.

As mentioned in the broadcast, our treatment center aims to be a TRUE source of healing and restoration. Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, our outpatient treatment center provides relief to individuals struggling with mental health issues, substance use disorders, and process addictions.

Our treatment approach was created with a focus on our core beliefs of transformation, connection, community, courage, consistency, and love. Using a comprehensive emotional memory assessment (CEMA), we can find the root of our patients’ struggles and help them begin a path of permanent healing.

This individualized treatment method is based on our founder’s experience in his recovery journey. Ben has battled his own mental health and addiction struggles, which has given him unique insight into the treatment process and what improvements need to be made to help other individuals find recovery.

Ben spent the ages of 17 to 28 fighting his own battle with addiction and mental illness but was able to find long-term recovery. His mission is to help others achieve this goal, discovering purpose and healing through trauma-informed treatment. 

Our founder recognizes that he is always a couple of bad decisions away from returning to that dark period of his life. Overcoming addiction is a lifelong struggle that requires consistent effort, which is why our focus goes past temporary changes and instead is about providing our patients with the tools and encouragement needed to continue on their recovery journey.

At TRUE, creating relationships and solidifying a solid support network is essential to long-term recovery. Because of this, our programs promote active participation in intimate group therapy sessions, where patients can foster new friendships and share insights into their struggles and vulnerabilities.

We look at changing people to change lives and families and hope to change the community. For individuals who need help with addiction or behavioral health issues, help is out there. We encourage people to be confident in taking that first step to get the help they need.

As our founder believes, most people who create these treatment programs can relate to their patients due to their own stories and what they’ve experienced. Their experience allows patients to receive personalized and effective care from providers who understand the struggle and are deeply invested in guiding patients toward a better future.

Ben Dobbs

Ben ends his time on the network with a heartwarming message, telling viewers, “If you’re struggling today, there’s a community out there that will receive you and accept you and get you on your journey to transform and have a great life.” 

If you or a loved one requires treatment for addiction or mental illness, don’t hesitate to start this journey. Our admissions team can help you determine the best path forward and get your needed care. Start today by calling our 24/7 helpline at (615) 527-8610 or contacting