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730 Middle Tennessee Blvd. Suite 10. Murfreesboro, TN. 37129
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Springfield, the county seat of Robertson County, is next door to Tennessee’s northern border. This small town has plenty of character and is known as the “Home of the World’s Finest Dark Fired Tobacco.” The downtown commercial district, known simply as The Square, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Despite the city’s history, Springfield is not immune to modern problems. Robertson County has an opioid dispensing rate of 44.5 per 100 people, 2.8% higher than the national average. The best rehabs in Springfield, TN, are hoping to free residents from the chains of alcohol & drug abuse.

Introduction to Springfield’s Top Addiction Treatment Centers

We’ve provided a list of drug and alcohol rehab programs in the area to help you make an informed treatment decision. Finding the right program can be stressful, so we’re here to guide you toward your best treatment option.

  1. TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health
    730 Middle Tennessee Blvd, Suite 10, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
    (615) 802 6460
  2. Pathway Healthcare
    801 Hill St, Springfield, TN 37172
    (615) 382-3002
  3. Cumberland Heights – Clarksville
    219 B Dunbar Cave Rd, Clarksville, TN 37043
    (615) 690-4514
  4. Detox Nashville
    600 Medical Park Dr, Madison, TN 37115
    (615) 685-8779
  5. Tree House Recovery
    930 Rep John Lewis Way S, Nashville, TN 37203
    (615) 314-8310
  6. JourneyPure Nashville
    211 Donelson Pike, Suite 11 & 12, Nashville, TN 37214
    (888) 517-3453
Best Rehabs in Springfield, TN

6 Best Drug Rehab Centers Near Springfield, TN

Don’t let substance use disorders take over your life. This section provides detailed information about the top-rated treatment facilities in the area, including programs and services offered.

1. TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health

TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health is a dual-diagnosis addiction and mental health treatment center with treatment programs such as inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and sober living. We help break the chains of hopelessness and put our patients on a purpose-filled path for the future.

Our facility’s mission is to help people find a way out of addiction and mental illness, just as our founder was able to do. At TRUE, we set our patients up for success by offering extensive services such as evidence-based and holistic treatments, life coaching, and recovery coaching. TRUE’s philosophy of positive transformation in each patient is achieved by restoring their hearts and minds, allowing them to rediscover their authentic selves.

By bringing hope and wholeness back into the lives of our patients, we offer more than a short-term solution. Patients receive healing, restoration, and connection during treatment. Our passion lies in our motto: Change people, families, and communities. At TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health, our programs give patients a sense of belonging, which motivates them to become more positive influences in their communities.

2. Pathway Healthcare

Pathway Healthcare provides customized treatment plans with specially trained psychiatrists, physicians, and licensed counselors. Depending on patient preference, the center offers outpatient treatment services with in-person and telehealth options. Pathway provides programs such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), psychiatric care, and specialized services for expectant mothers.

Pathway Healthcare’s mission is to remove the stigma of drug and alcohol addiction and bring substance abuse treatment into mainstream medicine. Patients can receive suboxone or Vivitrol therapy for opioid addiction, behavioral counseling for mental health conditions, addiction counseling, and case management services. The center accepts many health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.

3. Cumberland Heights – Clarksville

Cumberland Heights’ outpatient center in Clarksville is a 12-step based rehab program. This center’s treatment providers offer personalized care and flexible treatment hours so each patient can start recovery on their terms. The intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides individual counseling, experiential learning groups, family education groups, and group counseling.

Patients will typically engage in 28 sessions, though this length may fluctuate based on their needs and progress. During treatment, patients are introduced to Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous programming, and participation in local support groups is required. Upon completion of the program, continuing care services such as onsite aftercare groups are coordinated for patients.

4. Detox Nashville

Detox Nashville is a standalone detoxification center where patients can safely withdraw from alcohol addiction or drugs such as cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, meth, and prescription drugs. The recovery center uses evidence-based services like medication-assisted treatment (MAT), behavioral therapy, and holistic treatment. This facility also provides wound care for intravenous drug users to prevent infection.

Detox Nashville’s vision is to provide the most comfortable and effective detox services so patients can begin a life of recovery. The team recognizes that recovering from addiction requires extensive support, so in addition to high-quality treatment services, the center offers resources such as weekly meetings and recreational activities. After detox is complete, patients can join in the aftercare program.

5. Tree House Recovery

Tree House Recovery uses scientifically-backed treatment approaches to help patients heal from addiction’s mental, physical, and social effects. The goal is to help patients create a new lifestyle and sense of self that no longer relies on substances. The center offers various evidence-based therapies such as CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, ACT, and interpersonal psychotherapy.

Tree House Recovery offers a 90-day outpatient evening treatment program that allows patients to maintain their responsibilities during the day and seek treatment at night. The center emphasizes physical wellness with recreational and fitness activities. Patients also learn discipline, self-awareness, motivation, conflict resolution, relationship skills, and emotional regulation.

6. JourneyPure Nashville

JourneyPure’s Nashville location is an outpatient treatment center and suboxone clinic. The center offers treatment options for morning, evening, and virtual sessions. JourneyPure’s intensive outpatient program combines medication management, group and individual therapy, psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, release prevention, and life coaching to give patients comprehensive treatment.

To make treatment accessible and provide low costs to patients, JourneyPure is in-network with almost every insurance provider. This includes Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Humana, Tricare, and over 40 other insurance plans. The team at this center truly wants to see patients find a healthier future since many staff members are also in recovery.

Offering a TRUE Recovery Community

Though our main priority is to provide dual-diagnosis treatment for mental health and substance abuse, we do so much more than that. At TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health, we transform lives. Our recovery rates, evidence-based practices, and client-centered care highlight our success.

Comprehensive treatment: We believe the key to successful recovery is treating the whole patient, not just the symptoms of their addiction. This drives us to go above and beyond our skilled clinicians’ services. In addition to therapists and psychiatrists, we provide access to specialized services such as trauma specialists, life coaching, peer support specialists, recovery coaching, and motivational speakers. We also emphasize wellness, using holistic treatments like acupuncture, art therapy, animal therapy, CEMA, music therapy, movement therapy, physical fitness, and yoga.

SAMHSA-approved therapies: Recovery looks different for each patient, so we provide a full range of evidence-based therapies to see what works. We allow our patients to choose the treatment path best suited to their recovery. We offer proven modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), motivational interviewing, rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), and solution-focused brief therapy.

Accredited facility and qualified staff: Our facility is licensed by the state of Tennessee and has received Joint Commission accreditation, the gold standard of substance abuse treatment. This shows that we are committed to providing effective and safe treatment. Our experienced and skilled staff are dedicated to high-quality care that makes a difference in our patients’ lives.

Inclusive and affordable treatment: We treat all our patients with the same high standard of care, no matter their race, socioeconomic background, or sexuality. Every individual deserves access to freedom from mental illness and drug dependency. To aid in that mission, we strive to make our treatment costs as low as possible. We accept major insurance providers like Beacon Health Options, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Humana, and other plans. Clients can also choose self-pay options if they prefer.

An environment of support and connection: TRUE believes in the concept of community, which is embedded within our treatment programs. We are connected to local resources of community outreaches, churches, and service work opportunities. During treatment, we foster an environment of celebrating all moments of progress in recovery. We recognize patient achievement through monthly festivities, community events, experiential outings, and motivational speakers.

FAQs: What to Look for in a Rehab Facility

As you research treatment centers, it is essential to know what to expect. We hope this section can guide you if you still have questions.

What does a day in rehab look like?

A typical day in rehab will vary depending on the specific program and what treatments are offered at each center. Still, patients can usually expect to begin the day with breakfast before moving on to group or individual counseling.

After an hour-long counseling session, patients may then participate in psychoeducational groups, such as coping skills, relapse prevention, or other formats. Patients then break for lunch and participate in holistic or expressive therapies throughout the afternoon before ending the treatment day with a support group meeting.

What types of treatment are available?

Treatment is typically divided into either inpatient or outpatient care. Inpatient or residential treatment involves 24-hour supervision as patients live at the rehab center. These programs usually last a month and provide intensive care.

Outpatient programs allow patients to go home in the evenings, so they will typically be longer as they are less rigorous. Outpatient treatment includes IOP, PHP, and aftercare groups. Patients may also choose to stay at a sober living home to have a stable environment during treatment.

Will I need an aftercare program?

Addiction doesn’t end once treatment is completed. To avoid relapse, it is recommended that patients seek out aftercare programs to provide support and accountability during recovery. Relapse prevention groups can help patients gain a support system and learn coping skills that allow them to resist temptation.

Find Your Recovery Program

TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health offers effective treatment solutions. It may seem scary to begin treatment, but taking that first step can lead to freedom. If you or a loved one is seeking addiction recovery, ensure that your chosen treatment facility fits your specific needs and will prioritize your wellness.

We provide comprehensive and individualized care that can put you on the path to recovery. Our admissions team is available to answer any of your questions. Contact our 24/7 helpline at (615) 802-6460 or email us at We can’t wait to help you toward your brighter future.