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730 Middle Tennessee Blvd. Suite 10. Murfreesboro, TN. 37129
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Columbia, TN, boosts a 200-year history. The self-proclaimed “mule capital of the world,” Columbia celebrates the city-designated Mule Day each April.

Columbia is recognized as the “Antebellum Homes Capital of Tennessee.” Maury County, where Columbia is located, has more antebellum houses than any other county in Tennessee.

Resting amid the historical charm and small-town hospitality is a danger that the city’s founders never dreamed of. Substance abuse is becoming increasingly problematic, and the need for the best rehabs in Columbia, TN, is paramount.

Columbia, TN Drug Addiction Facts

As is the case with many parts of Tennessee, the opioid crisis has impacted the residents of Columbia. Misusing prescription and illicit drugs such as heroin poses a public health concern to the town.

In 2020, 31 residents died from drug-related overdoses. Of those deaths, 24 included opioids. Access to proper treatment and medications such as Naxolone could have prevented these deaths.

Even though opioids are a primary concern, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and crystal meth aren’t far behind. Dozens of residents in Columbia are dying each year from these illicit drugs as well.

Many residents with substance use disorder never receive access to addiction treatment centers or drug rehab that they need. The need for rehab programs around Nashville that provide quality staff and addiction recovery expertise is critical.

Receiving immediate treatment isn’t enough, though. Residents need access to aftercare programs and support groups for long-term recovery. The skills gained in these programs can help individuals overcome dependency.

The local law enforcement in Columbia has increased efforts to combat the illicit drug trade that brings in substances illegally. Prevention efforts to reach adolescents and young adults are underway as they are becoming a growing population addicted to substances.

Top 7 Rehabs Servicing Columbia, TN

Below are the top options for alcohol addiction and substance abuse disorder treatment programs in the area. Access to the right resources can improve your or your loved one’s quality of life. Long-term recovery is possible.

Best Rehabs in Columbia, TN

1. TRUE Addiction and Behavioral Health

TRUE offers a connection of focus on community. TRUE believes in supplying our clients with multiple avenues to find their TRUE connections while in our program and to establish long-term solutions for their aftercare to promote sustainable recovery at our fentanyl addiction treatment center.

TRUE is connected to local resources of community outreaches, churches, service work opportunities, and an environment that believes in celebrating moments of progress at all times. We offer connections to celebrate these achievements within our programs with monthly festivities, community events, experiential outings, motivational speakers, and a seasoned staff with the experience to deliver these promises. 

Contact Information:

730 Middle Tennessee Blvd., Suite 10
Murfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 802 6460

2. Recovery Care of Columbia

Recovery Care offers telemedicine Suboxone treatment programs to Tennessee residents with or without insurance. They accept TennCare Medicaid and commercial insurance, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and United Healthcare. Those without insurance can participate in a self-pay program starting at $200. The program provides Suboxone medications and private therapy.

Contact Information:

1116 Nashville Hwy. #104
Columbia, TN 38401
(931) 548-3062

3. BHG Columbia TN Treatment Center

BHG is a Joint Commission-accredited outpatient opioid treatment and recovery center dedicated to helping people and communities access personalized, evidence-based medical and behavioral therapies for opioid addiction. They focus on real recovery, not just treatment, and believe in Medication-Assisted Recovery (MAR).

BHG’s recovery care team, including highly-trained physicians, counselors, nurses, and support staff, is here to advise, coach, and guide clients along their unique recovery journey. BHG emphasizes that opioid addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that requires evidence-based treatment and management and that recovery is possible, even as patients continue their daily lives.

Contact Information:

1202 S James Campbell Blvd. #7A
Columbia, TN 38401
(931) 381-0020

4. Cedar Recovery

Starting addiction treatment can be overwhelming, but Cedar Recovery strives to provide a welcoming environment for new patients. A medical professional will listen to your needs during your first appointment and create a personalized care plan.

You’ll meet with a therapist and an addiction-trained medical provider to discuss treatment options and receive a prescription if necessary. The clinic’s friendly staff will schedule your next appointment when convenient.

Contact Information:

1512 Hatcher Ln.
Columbia, TN 38401
(931) 548-8882

5. Spero Health

Spero Health is a healthcare services organization that offers affordable drug and alcohol addiction treatment for those suffering from substance use disorder. Their integrated care model combines physical and behavioral healthcare services to provide comprehensive treatment.

With over 95 clinics located throughout several states, Spero Health has helped over 40,000 patients on their road to recovery from addiction. They are one of the largest office-based opioid treatment providers in the country and accept Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans.

Contact Information:

1407 Hatcher Ln.
Columbia, TN 38401
(866) 755-4258

6. APEX Recovery Columbia Inpatient

Apex Recovery is an addiction treatment center that offers individualized care for substance use disorders. Their team of professionals creates a customized plan for each client using evidence-based practices. They offer family counseling, relapse prevention groups, and medication-assisted treatment.

Their holistic approach includes nutritional counseling, exercise programs, mental health services, and more. Apex Recovery believes in providing compassionate care to help people find the best path.

Contact Information:

2710 Trotwood Ave Suite A
Columbia, TN 38401
(931) 223-5398

7. Fresh START Columbia

Fresh START Columbia aims to provide practical and effective solutions to families facing addiction, alcoholism, poverty, mental health issues, incarceration, and abuse. They believe in a holistic approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit and involves the whole family to create a supportive recovery community.

Their mission is to aid in transforming individuals, families, and communities. They envision a world without labels, judgments, or stigma, where the love and light of Jesus Christ bring healing and restoration to the most vulnerable members of society. Their goal is to create a diverse and loving recovery community where anyone struggling with addiction and their family can find the education and support necessary to recover.

Contact Information:

606 Santa Fe Pike
Columbia, TN 38401
(931) 505-2387

FAQs about Treatment Programs

What is medical detox?

Medical detox takes clients through the withdrawal process to stabilization. People going through opioid or alcohol addiction withdrawal can experience a range of distressing symptoms. These include nausea, shaking, vomiting, cold sweats, seizures, heart attack, and stroke. 

Medical detox safely eases discomfort as much as possible. Centers may use medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to reduce cravings. These FDA-approved medications can include opioid-receptor blockers, benzos, mood stabilizers, and beta blockers.

What is a partial hospitalization program?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment program focuses on stabilizing mood swings and teaches daily coping strategies. Your medical needs and well-being are closely monitored.

You participate in different activities and our individual and group therapy sessions. After inpatient drug rehab, a solid aftercare plan might include counseling, family therapy, and moving to the intensive outpatient program (IOP) or sober living program.

What is the time commitment for outpatient programs?

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a refined blend of immersive therapy, one-on-one counseling, and practical skill learning. This is the starting point after completing inpatient detox. If you don’t need the rigid 24/7 structure of inpatient, IOP is the best option. You typically spend up to four hours a day in this program.

IOP addresses all elements of your addiction. This dual diagnosis includes other drugs and mental health issues. IOP requires fewer hours, so we make the most of these. You also have access to support groups and other treatment services.

What should you expect in a residential or sober living community?

Sober living homes offer structured housing that provides additional accountability through drug tests and curfews. Sober living is often used with PHP and IOP and makes for an easier transition back to daily life and obligations. You live with others with similar dependencies and receive medical advice from certified staff who answer your concerns.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

Don’t let the stigma of rehab programs keep you from experiencing the best life possible. TRUE Addiction & Behavioral Health can offer you guidance and medical advice. Contact our 24/7 helpline at (615) 527-8610 today. Together, we’ll determine which program is best suited to your recovery.